network hubs and related offerings

idea-flo: infrastructure and resources for innovation
- Idea-generation
- Strategic foundation and overall support for start ups and innovation in the making

project-flo: operations and logistics management
- Planning and adherence to goals and objectives- legal/regulatory clearance and coordination
- Development roadmap and milestone monitoring

motionmedia-flo: digital media pioneers and resource for video, web and interactive media
- Broadcast, optimized online, and mobile device video content production and distribution
- Video production crew and equipment
- Information/user experience architecture
- Interactive programming and execution
- Virtual simulation
- E-commerce
- Content management
- Database construction and acquisition
- Animation and motion graphics
- Mobile device opportunity
- Tracking and analytics

inspiration-flo: catalysts for ongoing momentum – uncategorized (purposely)


station315 – restoration and site planning underway

energy options within your network? and there’s a whole bunch of benefit…


everybody benefits with proper networking – and the dr. is in


wee community (and maybe permaculture) experience – let it grow